Alveolar Onlay Graft

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Alveolar Onlay Grafts

Alveolar Onlay grafts may be used to recreate the bone where teeth have been missing for a long time or an area where an infected tooth has caused destruction to the bone. The Alveolar Onlay graft is done to prepare for dental implants. We will use the bone from your chin or wisdom tooth areas and fit the graft to lie over the area of bone deficiency. The bone will be placed with special screws that will be removed when the implant is placed. If there is an extreme bone deficit, the doctor may need to extract bone from a larger bone such as your hip in order to completely restore the jaw bone and shape. 

You must allow the bone graft to heal and completely fuse with the jaw bone, which can take several months. When healing is complete, your surgeon will place the dental implant, and then your general dentist will complete the process by attaching the crown on the implant.

Be sure to talk with your oral surgeon and family dentist to answer any questions you may have about this procedure. Call Dental Plus at 574-722-2233.